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    Welcome to The Forum!!!



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    Welcome to The Forum!!!

    Post by GoldenDragon on Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:03 pm

    santa What a Face We Are A Shuffle forum Designed to Be Free Of hatred And bashing, Spread the Love not the hate!

    You are most welcome to contribute, we encourage new members, new ideas and new moves in a no-hate environment

    ... and if you foolishly want to challenge that, meet the head moderator
    Military members and guests are most welcome. Please remember this is a civilian site with ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES we use them too frequently already, don't piss me off more.

    So please remember to do your homework on this forum before you post. You will be treated as though you already have and are well up to speed with the rest of us. Otherwise please post in the beginner sections, after you've read our tutorials which will have all your basic questions answered for you. Then you'll be more competent with your shuffle arts and be able to join the proshuffle community as a junior peer (JP)[b]

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